Marie Hartlieb

Creative Concept and Text
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Hi, I’m Marie.
As a concept developer with a M.A. in integrated media I like to create holistic strategies that fit exactly to the brands need for outreach and impact. From defining an identity and developing a presence online to the fine details of the exact post texts - I’m in for it all the way.

What I do

Copy: Text in short and long, Headlines, Posts, Articles, Mails and more

Concept: Brand identity, Communication, Social Media, short and long term Strategy

Creative Consulting: Workshops and seminars for organisations and individuals to develop their own communication concept and strategies

Why I do it

It really excites me to accompany people on that important journey to express who they are to the public and finding their voice on the way.

I enjoy every step of it, from putting ideas on the table to turning them into a neat and workable plan. And I love receiving and teaching new knowledge so that we can all profit from the opportunities the digital world is providing.

Also, this job is simply a lot of fun!

Selected Work

Concept, Strategy, Copywriting


Archives and libraries are the memory of society. The University Potsdam is looking for students interested in becoming keepers of these places. In collaborative work I did concept and copy for this project, while Flor created the web design and social design. Together with

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Concept, Strategy, Copywriting

Oply Carsharing

You don’t need your own car! - That’s how we started the first campaign of Oply, a new station based car sharer that offers transport solutions especially for families and groups throughout Germany.
While I worked on the concept and copy of website, flyers and other promotional material,did the visual identity, web design and OOH campaigns. Together with

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Concept, Strategy

Bilgi University

How do you create news articles and use social media that is culturally sensitive to diverse consumers? The 4th year students of the communication department at Bilgi University received a workshop on this issue with me in collaboration with the team of maviblau. Together with

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